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The Challenge

TapThere.com aims to let people see the world live from any where using their mobile phone. Varuno helped them raise $1mm to prove that this could be done using a host of technologies that can come together seamlessly for an amazing user experience. View the map, say you want to see Rio, a user shows up and is told that you want to see that, and you both and many more are connected instantly to share the experience Live!



What We Used

  • CodeIgniter PHP framework for API
  • AngularJS front end
  • iOS application to broadcast video from anywhere in the world.
  • Live event updates with Socket.IO and Node.JS seen via a map to see where users are and tap into their mobile devices
  • Amazon infrastructure deployments
  • Heavy caching mechanisms for scalability
  • Streaming media servers for live and recorded video
  • Graphic design services
  • Manage distributed development team


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