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How to Build a Resume Site in WordPress

  1. Goto http://studentx.var.uno
  2. Pick a language
  3. Give the site a title and all that good stuff
  4. Goto Login page http://studentx.var.uno/wp-admin/wp-login.php
  5. Click Plugins > Add New
  6. Search for “Resume Builder” and click “Install” button in the first result
  7. Wait until the button says “Activate” then click it.
  8. On the left, click Resumes > Add New
  9. For a full run down on how to use the resume builder, check out https://youtu.be/rblid85NhI0
  10. Give it a title as your full name
  11. Click “Add Resume Section” then click “Introduction Block”
  12. Intro Title is your name, Subtitle is your catch phrase.
  13. Upload a picture of yourself.
  14. Intro text is a short description of what you want to do with this resume.
  15. Save it
  16. Copy the current browser URL and open a new tab and put the copied URL into the new tab. The point is to have the Resume “Shortcodes” easily available.
  17. Now go back to the first tab and click Pages > Add new
  18. Give it a title of “Homepage”
  19. Copy the “Full Resume Shortcode” from the top of the other tab you created. With the resume options on it.
  20. Paste that shortcode you just copied into the text editor on the first tab.
  21. Press Publish on the right.
  22. Goto Appearance > Themes
  23. Hover over “Twenty Sixteen” and then click activate
  24. Goto Appearance > Customize
  25. Click “Site Identity” and then uncheck “Display Site Title and Tagline”
  26. Click arrow back then click “Static Front Page” and select “A Static page” and then pick “Homepage” from the top dropdown.
  27. Click arrow back then click on “Additional CSS”. Need to right click to show inspector and find the class of the title and then put in css code to remove it. Also add some negative margin to the content so it moves up.
  28. Then click the arrow back and then click Widgets > Sidebar and then remove all the current widgets that are there and then add two RB widgets in. Then copy the two shortcodes from the other tab and put those into these widgets.
  29. Click the blue button to save and publish
  30. Goto your front page. Boom!